About us


We are based in Otago, Aotearoa/New Zealand and work locally, regionally and internationally.

Dr Rye Senjen

Rye is a seasoned environmental activist and researcher. She is internationally known for her work on risk assessment and nanotechnology and has also written on coal seam gas, bisphenol-A, sustainable flooring, perfluorinated chemicals and the hazards of biochar. She taught for a number of years a course in business ethics and sustainability to MBA and other Masters students in Australia and Malaysia.

Rye was the co-lead of the NGO delegation at the International Conference of Chemicals Management 4 in September 2015 on the topic of perfluorinated chemicals, and a member of the nanotechnology team at the same event.

Rye has a PhD in Expert Systems from Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Dr Kirstie Murdoch

Kirstie has a particular interest chemical pollutants that are released into the environment in waste, wastewater and sewage.

Kirstie has a PhD in molecular and cellular biology and a Master of Intellectual Property Law.  She has a background in scientific research in New Zealand and Germany (including as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow) and pharmaceutical patent law.

EHHA is a participating member of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)